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When you need to hire: you simply cannot rely on your internal recruitment team or job boards.

Our applicants are not typically ON the market to make a change but IN the market to make a job change.

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When speaking with Bernie, one feels like you have known him your whole life. His customer services skills are of the utmost and I would recommend his company to anyone with staffing needs. He provided candidates in a quick time frame and never gave up until the right candidate was found. - CEO

Working with Premier Search is always a great experience. Bernie provides outstanding service and is an expert in the field of executive search. He is always quick to respond in a thoughtful & strategic manner and has great follow through. He has over 20 years of recruitment experience in the senior housing industry. I highly recommend Bernie. - COO

Bernie Reifkind is a professional of great integrity and with extensive capabilities. Bernie and I have been professional friends for a good number of years. I know some of the senior living and care professionals and companies who were / are clients of Premier Search, and all speak of his company, its service, and its attention to detail in glowing terms. I strongly recommend Bernie and Premier Search to companies seeking help with sourcing and securing top talent. And, I make the same recommendation to senior living and care professionals looking to find a company that matches their experience and knowledge. - SR VP HR

I highly recommend Bernie and his entire staff for your employment needs. He is knowledgeable, honest and has the utmost in professionalism. Bernie knows the industry and gives his personal touch with each of his clients. Customer service and his compassion for his job are so evident when speaking with him and he is honest and never makes empty promises. Truly an advocate for his clients. - Chief Clinical Officer

I have utilized Bernie and his team for many years and find him to be a hard working and trustworthy recruiter. He spends a lot of time vetting potential referrals and pays particularly close attention to my expressed needs for each applicant. I wholeheartedly endorse him as a collaborative partner and tireless in the service of his clients. - Division VP OPS

Recruitment is a contact sport.

Our database of contacts grows exponentially every day.

Premier Search Inc. is a nationwide recruitment and talent acquisition firm. Areas of specialty include: CEO, CFO, VP, Consultant, Administrator, Director/Manager and other Professional positions.

As a nationally recognized leader in the field of executive search and placement, our database is one of the largest in the United States. We are committed to presenting only the very best pre-screened applicants using specialized recruitment techniques.

Premier Search, Inc. delivers great candidates within 48 hours.


Our mission is to boldly and creatively address America’s critical shortage of outstanding healthcare professionals.

We strive to do this by providing unparalleled recruitment services so that our clients have immediate access to the best available professionals. Every one of our clients is a relationship built on our core values of integrity, quality and performance. Our company offers individually customized searches and the security of an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. This means fast results. We know who the exceptional candidates are and more importantly, they know us.


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