Google Healthcare Recruiter

When you google “healthcare recruiter” to compete successfully in the business world –in any industry–successful staffing/ recruitment and retention of senior talent is the ultimate goal of most progressive organizations. The costs associated with talent… Read More »Google Healthcare Recruiter

Bernie Reifkind is the Managing Principal and Founder of Premier Search, Inc.

Sometimes our computers or smart phones get stuck.   Ugh.  When that happens, tech repair professionals will usually tell us to reboot our device and see if the problems disappear.  So we shut down our device… Read More »Bernie Reifkind is the Managing Principal and Founder of Premier Search, Inc.

Should You Interview, Even If You’re Not Looking?

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Quitting by Ghosting

Quitting by ghosting. Applicants blow off scheduled interviews. New hires turn into no-shows. Workers leave one evening and never return. No notice. Quitting a job without giving notice or “ghosting” has nothing to do with economic data about full employment.

College Degree: Credibility to Interview

As a Recruitment Executive I see resumes all day long (as you might imagine.) If someone does not have a BS/BA degree then for education I will often see things like Graduate of the Dale Carnegie course or Toastmasters, etc. It’s not the same.

In many cases, having a license to work in a specific field such as nursing or physical therapy looks great on a resume (without having a college degree) ; however having a license along with a college degree in most cases trumps the competition….on paper.