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The Secret To Employee Motivation

Hire the right person or recognize that you have the wrong person in the job and do something about it right now. This is one of the most critical elements to the bottom line of any organization. Human capital. You need to be very careful in the hiring and selection of every single employee. There must be a strong job match in terms of cognitive abilities, thinking style, behavioral traits, interests, work experience and cultural fit. Never fear to replace someone who is not meeting the needs of your organization. The cost of keeping someone that is not the right fit can do more damage to not only your organization fiscally but to the morale of your existing team.

Employers: The Top 5 Salary Negotiation Tips That You Need To Know Now!

1. Make your highest and best offer first. If you are really serious about hiring an outstanding employee, then nothing can be more insulting to an employee than a “low ball offer.” If your intent is to make a low offer and then raise it if the person declines, you have already created an adversarial tone. If you are serious, make a serious offer.

Multislacking by Bernie Reifkind

Hey Employers: do you have employees that are Multislackers? Do you have some employees that are constantly whining and complaining because they are “over-worked”, “under-appreciated”, “under-paid”, “over-whelmed, “over-this, ” “under-that”, over and over and over, etc? Did it ever… Read More »Multislacking by Bernie Reifkind

Search Firms: The 5 Best Resume Keywords by Bernie Reifkind

1 (800) 801-1400 When health care search firms are sourcing for the best available candidates for their clients their goal is to hit the target (and hopefully the bulls-eye) by finding the candidates that possess… Read More »Search Firms: The 5 Best Resume Keywords by Bernie Reifkind