Seriously, what have you learned? 

What wisdom have you garnered in all the years of your life at work and in your personal life?

Moreover, if you were going to write down the top 10 things that you have learned (in no particular order) what would it be? 

Obviously it is not necessary to write down what we have learned, but it’s interesting to ponder.

For many reasons.

When we ask ourselves what we have learned, we can use this information to learn even more about ourselves.  One part is self-reflection and another part: perhaps a study guide to the road map of our lives.

In addition it’s an extremely helpful and personal question that we should ask ourselves on a frequent basis, because things inevitably change.  There are patterns in our lives that we can use to guide us towards the future.

Maybe the better question is what have you learned, up ’til now?

Just by virtue of being human, we all have enormous life experiences and hopefully we learn from those experiences. The lessons that we learn bring us wisdom.

Wisdom is priceless.

Our own wisdom is something to not only examine, but to cherish.  Even the bad stuff.  For without the bad stuff, how would we be able to know or appreciate the good stuff?

We’ve all made mistakes and we’ve all had our own personal degrees of success, even if we do not feel comfortable admitting it.  Success is subjective and personal to each of us. 

Many of us overlook the success that we have had in our journey and we focus on the mistakes.  Why do we do this? It’s probably just human nature.   We tend to beat ourselves up about the mistakes that we have made. 

But there is an awful lot that we can learn from our own successes.   Many people study the success of others rather than our own.  We read biographies of great people who have done great things.  We read  and learn of other people’s success more than we do our own.

For many people, just waking up in the morning is success.  For others it’s about money, achievement, love, etc.  For some it’s about achieving inner peace.

Our wisdom helps us define the things that are important to us.

In summary there is great signifigance to the question: what have you learned?   

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Here are 2 quotes that speak volumes about wisdom and what each has learned:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”- Theodore Roosevelt

“Never, never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

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