Here’s how to land the job!

After a first interview, it is considered protocol and good manners to write a thank you note after an interview with a prospective new employer. Your letter should be handwritten and composed in a warm but professional manner.  Most thank you letters are no more than 3-4 paragraphs:

Paragraph One:

Thank the interviewer for taking his/her time and consideration in meeting with you for the position as described. 

Paragraph Two:

Remember something that you and the interviewer may have shared in your discussion during the interview and include this in paragraph two. Some examples:

“I was very impressed with your plan to­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________, “You and I certainly share the same belief that_______________, “Thank you for sharing with me your ideas about________________, I have always believed that___________.

This is the time to show the interviewer that you were paying attention during the interview!

Paragraph Three

Now it is time to be bold.  State firmly (with sincerity) that based on your conversation with the interview and after careful thought, that you are absolutely convinced that you could be successful in the position of __________.  Let your interviewer know that you would be extremely successful in this position and simply explain why. 

Paragraph Four

Once again, graciously thank the interviewed for his/her time and consideration and that you look forward to hearing back for the employer at the earliest possible convenient time.  Make sure that you end the letter with:  “Sincerely” “Yours truly” or some other appropriate salutation (and course your signature!)

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