If you are not using social media to recruit the very best talent, then you’re losing out against your competition.

Almost everyone utilizes some form of social media at some point. Recent estimates show that Facebook has 1.65 billion active users, Twitter has 310 million users, and LinkedIn has 433 million users.

So how does social media benefit recruiting?

  1. It shows proof a candidate exists. Not that “catfishing” is an issue when it comes to recruiting, but it certainly helps a recruiter when he or she Googles a name and receives information immediately. When you search for a name and nothing comes up in search results, what does that say about a job candidate?
  2. It can act as a form of fact-checking. When read a resume, you trust the applicant to present true information. Did they really graduate from that school or work at a specific company? Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you verify information.
  3. It can show you whether a candidate will fit in with the culture of a company. While having the skills necessary to complete a job is vital, it’s also important for an individual to fit in with staff members and be able to work as a team. Social networks can help give companies a glimpse at what an individual is like outside of his or her skillset.
  4. It can help you gauge interest from the candidate. Does the job candidate share articles related to his or her field? Does the individual follow your company’s Facebook page? Social media can tell you a lot when it comes to enthusiasm.
  5. It expands your reach. Chances are, individuals you’re looking at have friends in the same field. You may be able to recruit them and their friends, expanding your network of top-notch candidates.

Social media can be the key that unlocks the door to a world of outstanding potential applicants.  Social media isn’t necessarily just a digital means of staying connected to other people online. While some people use social media as a way of sharing pictures of meals and friends, for recruiters these pictures and information can be vital to finding great candidates and make a huge difference when it comes to hiring.


Bernie Reifkind is the CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. a nationwide executive search and placement firm. In addition, Bernie provides career guidance and strategic interviewing techniques to professionals at all levels. P: 1(800) 801-1400 or email at ceo@premiersearch.com.