“Pleasant Persistence”

This morning I had a very inspiring conversation with Mr. Ned Dobner, Founder and Principal Consultant for the Center for Applied Sales Research – Atlanta, GA.

Ned’s company provides Senior Living companies with Sales and Sales Management services.

We were discussing many topics with regard to the senior housing industry when Ned introduced me to a concept that he is so evidently passionate about. 

Pleasant Persistence.

This really struck a chord with me and I wanted to share this with you, dear reader.

Ned’s concept not only applies to the sales profession but to all of us in both our business and personal lives.

Ned sent me an email this morning explaining his concept of  “Pleasant Persistence“:

Ned writes: “For me, a core philosophy is the practice of “pleasant persistence.”  While this works in all aspects of one’s life, it is particularly valid for sales people. One quality without the other does not get the job done, but the combination will move mountains. (or people!)”

How simple, yet how profound.

We’ve all read countless stories about how critical it is to be persistent to achieve a goal no matter how large or small. 

Yet, “pleasant persistence” implies a non threatening and unyielding effort to achieve a sale or a goal that may in fact plant the seed towards a bountiful harvest by just being pleasant but unwavering in one’s pursuit.

I want to thank Ned for sharing this concept to me and to you!

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