Quitting by Ghosting

Quitting by ghosting. Applicants blow off scheduled interviews. New hires turn into no-shows. Workers leave one evening and never return. No notice. Quitting a job without giving notice or “ghosting” has nothing to do with economic data about full employment.

Yes, there is a shortage of good talent but to leave a job without notice? Come on. This same scenario happened recently when I successfully placed an applicant in an Executive position. Things apparently were not working out after 30 days. So I receive a call from my employer client asking me if I knew that my candidate simply stopped coming to work? No, of course I had not. I called my candidate and he admitted that he simply received a better offer. And he admitted to ghosting his my client/employer. I was aghast. His justification? “Job loyalty doesn’t exist anymore.” This kind of behavior cannot be labeled as a generational thing based on a full employment economy. This is downright rude and unethical behavior. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GIVE NOTICE WHEN YOU ARE PLANNING TO LEAVE A JOB.

What appears to be an appalling trend is that human decency is in decay.

Am I missing something?

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