Grave Matters: Hire Right by Bernie Reifkind

A pretty catchy title but the subject is deadly serious.

Hiring the right staff is a grave matter and could ultimately make the difference between supreme business success or pure mediocrity.

Here is a fact: every hire is a gamble and economic gain is the main reason anyone gets hired.   So given those two factors, why do so many hires go bad?  Knowing that there is a gamble involved wouldn’t it make sense to hedge your bet? 

After all, if you hire someone you most likely assume that you are entering a long term relationship.  We’re talking retention here, folks.

Why not reduce the risk?  It makes logical sense.

How do you hire someone and reduce the risk?  Assuming that you have done the obvious things prior to making an offer: your due diligence such as reference checks, 2nd and 3rd interviews, getting advice from your staff, calculating the numbers, etc.  Well maybe you are forgetting something crucial to the hiring process.

Maybe you should look at your own past and let your own history of hiring give you some clues as to what has worked and what has not.

Maybe it’s about you.

This is not new age psycho-babble, this is about analyzing your history of hiring and firing for information about your hiring predilections.  Think about your best hires and your worst hires and analyze why and how you made these decisions to hire. 

Were they gut feelings, were they well thought out decisions, what were you going through in your own life at the time?

It is always about you because you make the decision to hire.  So I am suggesting that maybe before your next hire, do your due diligence………….on yourself. 

Slow it down a bit and analyze yourself at this moment given that business changes constantly and so do you!

Hire right and then retention becomes a non factor.
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