Are you thinking about a career that is “outside the box” from the industry or career path that you’ve chosen?  If you think that it can’t be done, you are kidding yourself.

Take a look at our Commander in Chief.  Study President Obama.

Mr. Obama wanted to be the President of the United States very badly and more importantly, he knew in his heart that he could.  He was not to be denied.

Mr. Obama may not have had the direct skills to get elected but he certainly had transferrable skills.  Mr. Obama is supremely confident, bright, articulate and is a born leader.  He exudes confidence.

It’s too early to judge the success of his Presidency, but how remarkable is it that with very little Washington experience he spent almost two years on the campaign trail and he not only beat the Clintons; he beat Mr. John McCain and got elected to the most powerful job in the world?

Mr. Obama has tons of transferrable skills.  What about you?

What is stopping you from exploring a new career path that “on paper” you may not be qualified for?  Probably yourself.   

What are you really good at? 

What could you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?  Where in your heart, do you really live?

We all have transferable skills, no matter if you are in the assisted living industry or in plastics (as in “Plastics, Benjamin!”).  Chances are that if you want something bad enough, you just may discover a talent that is directly transferrable to a whole new career life.

President Obama wanted his job very badly and he convinced us that he could do the job, enough to elect him to the highest office in the land.  Is he qualified? Of course he is and so are you.  The key is knowing and believing your transferrable skills.

With this in mind, seek what you truly want with the passion of knowing that you are not to be denied.
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