Opportunity SUICIDE!

After 4 successful several interviews, my Chief Operations Officer job applicant responded to an email from my hiring client flippantly as if it were a text message.

Unfortunately, the email had typos and it was sloppy as if written on the fly.

Like it was sent by a fourth grader.

Is there any excuse for a poorly written text or email to a potential new boss? NO, of course not.

Bottom line: MY CLIENT REJECTED THE APPLICANT (she has been unemployed for months and of course is deeply disappointed.)

Is my client being too tough by rejecting an applicant because of a poorly written email?

It’s not for me to decide.

LESSON LEARNED: In business, emails should be written as a formal business letter with no typos. “Dear ____” Then a clearly articulated message. A simple call to action (if necessary). Then a simple “thank you” ending with “yours truly” or “warm regards” etc.

What you write is often a reflection of how you THINK.

You are being judged your cover.

 I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and Managing Principle at Premier Search.