Interview Question: What Book(s) Are You Currently Reading?

As a healthcare recruiter I am always fascinated by interview questions that my healthcare clients might ask while interviewing my candidates.

One of the best interview questions that an employer can ask is: “What book or books are you currently reading.”


Well first off, the answer lets the interviewer know whether or not an applicant even reads! 

On a more serious note, reading implies learning, discovery, imagination, growth, curiosity, etc.  Most of us (especially you dear reader) are using the internet at some point during the day- every day to keep up with the news, sports, finance, the weather, goods and services and every thing else under the sun.

But picking up a book that one has chosen to read can offer a lot of information about what an applicant is thinking about right now in their life.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what someone is reading right now………….and why?  What are their interests?

Regardless if the book is a novel or a nonfiction what is it about that specific book that interest’s your applicant?  You can learn a lot about someone’s passions, integrity, human nature and literally what turns them on! 

The important follow up question to what book(s) are you reading is: why?  And then of course a question of whether or not they are enjoying the book is appropriate. 

Some people will read and finish a book, simply because they started it, even if they dislike it!   Some people will not waste their time with a book that doesn’t reach them

What about you?  What book(s) are you reading and why?

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