The Beatles: Remastered

CNN is reporting that “On Wednesday — 9/9/09 — remastered versions of the Beatles catalogue will be released, giving listeners what the remaining members of “The Fab Four” say is the closest reproduction ever of how their music sounded in the studio.”

I’m not so sure how I feel about that.  Actually, I know how I feel: I don’t like it at all.

While we are at it maybe we should remaster some of the other great works of master painters and authors as well to keep it current with the times.  Well, maybe not. 

With technology today, almost anything can be digitized and re-worked.  When music is digitized and re-altered, one can make the case that the essence- the human heart- gets lost in the shuffle.

What is especially egregious to me about the Beatles catalogue being remixed and remastered is that John Lennon and George Harrison have no say in the matter.  What if John and or George hates the 2009 versions of their 1960’s masterpieces?

How would you feel if you created art that someone alters long after you pass away?  It just doesn’t seem right.
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