Career Crisis and Motivation by Bernie Reifkind

Yeah, right.  We need more motivation? Career crisis?  Who has time to think about our careers????

We’ve become slaves to being busy.  That is the real crisis.  Motivate that.

The typical American worker gets up early in the morning (5:30-6:00 AM), downs a cup of coffee, showers, gets dressed, prepares lunch or snacks and gets their children ready for school, takes them to school, sits in traffic or uses mass transit to get to finally get to work-usually between 7:30 and 8:30 AM.

Oh, I forgot. 

Before we have gotten to work, we have checked our email, texts, twitter, facebook, CNN, Yahoo, ESPN so that we know what is going on all over the world before we even face the day.

So then we begin our work day that includes forced politeness, deadlines, incompetent co-workers, phone calls, tons of emails, questions, meetings, cold calling, returning calls, reading even more website news sites, etc.  STRESS.

By lunch time, we are already exhausted and so we eat at our desks.  It’s cheaper and quicker to down a quick sandwich, check our emails, surf the web and then get on with our work.  So really, we don’t take lunch  breaks.

Afternoons are more of the same, doing our job, checking and sending emails, questions, decisions, deadlines, reports, demands from the corporate office, justification for anything we may have written or said, stress and more stress until whenever your work day is over. 

Most of us feel guilty if we leave early and we feel superior if we stay longer than our co-workers, so we stay longer hoping the boss is watching and will acknowledge it.  Forget about that- they are doing the same thing- to feel superior to someone else.  We finally leave.

We then sit in traffic and make our way home and have dinner- hopefully with our kids.  We probably ordered food in, because who has time to go to the market?

The kids are doing their homework (and in most cases: we are doing their homework for them!!), we are cleaning up from dinner and doing chores, they go to bed, maybe we watch a little TV and then of course we get on the computer to check for more news, more email, surf the web for whatever.  We then look at the clock and  realize that it’s getting late and that we have to go bed, but our mind is racing about what we didn’t accomplish today and what needs to happen tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

But what about our career? Shouldn’t we be doing even more to further our ambitions to live the American dream? How do we motivate ourselves to grab the brass ring?

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what is truly important in our lives and pay more attention to that. 

Maybe it’s time to stop taking in so much information that we do not need.  We have become addicted to the internet and our emails/texts.


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