Picking people…………. is almost as hard as firing people.

Your an employer and you have narrowed your search down to 2 outstanding candidates.  Who do you pick?

Picking people is one of the most difficult challenges that a manager or business owner has to make.  For example, you are a Regional Director of Operations for a national chain of assisted living properties.  You need to hire an Executive Director for a very challenging community.

You’ve probably looked at many resumes, had many telephone interviews and narrowed your search down to the top 2 candidates- and you’ve had several interviews with them.  Both are terrific, but you can only hire one.  You know that both of them want the job and you also know that your choice will effect both candidates- either positively or negatively.

Time to make your pick.

Research from dozens of essays all the way from staffing agencies, healthcare career advisors to anyone in the healthcare jobs field will ususally boil it all down to the bottom line: there is no bottom line!

Sometimes you have to flip a coin or go with your gut but you have to make a decision.  When you’ve made the decision, make it decisively and don’t look back.

In summary, picking people is different every single time and the best that you can hope for is that you are right more times than you are wrong.  That being said, if you do pick the wrong person, cut your loss immediately and terminate right away.

Most employers know within the first week if they’ve picked the right person!