If you’re not using LinkedIn as a tool for hiring people then you are losing out on an amazing tool.  Some people think that LinkedIn is just like Facebook, but for business use.


Linkedin is a business networking tool, plain and simple.  It’s not about friendship.

It’s a buiness networking tool, but if you’re not using it correctly than it’s a complete waste of time.  Are you benefiting from it in a quantifiable way?

Linkedin is the equivalent of having a hammer, a screwdriver and a complete set of tools to build or fix something.  Like most of us though, our tools sit in a tool box.

Linkedin is most effective if you make actual contact with your contacts.  If someone wants to connect with you, then they must want or need something from you, and vise versa.  Right?

Why else would you want to connect with someone else in the business world?  Do you ever go on linkedin and see people with over 500 contacts like it’s some kind of status symbol?

Wow, you have over 500 contacts.  That qualifies you as something called a “LION.”  According to the website windmillnetworking.com:

LIONs are basically open to networking with people that they have never met before, and they are important in the fact that they bridge networks of closed people.  If we all follow the standard rule of LinkedIn and say “I Don’t Know” for every invite that we receive from someone who we have never personally met, it would be hard for closed networks to grow into each other and evolve into the great networking community that LinkedIn is today.  So LIONs, in general, accept invites from anyone or at least will not give you the dreaded “I Don’t Know” as a response to your invitation.  With this in mind, it is relatively risk-free to invite a LION that you found in an Advanced Search into your network.”

Oh, I get it.  I think.   A working class LION is something to be.

The fact is that nothing in business will ever replace making human contact whether by phone or face to face.  Human contact stands above all else.

So the next time that you request a contact or are invited to linkedin, make an effort and call that person to find out how you can both benefit?  Otherwise, why bother with linkedin?

Oh and by the way, the telephone is the linkedin replacement.  Use it, right now.

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at ceo@psihealth.com.  I welcome your phone call.