The Only Recruiting Solution

by Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc.

Yeah, right……….there’s only one recruiting solution to finding the best candidates. I am so sick of reading and hearing about the “best” the “only” and every piece of garbage advice by someone with a fancy title. Do you really want the solution to recruiting the best candidates?

The solution is you.

Let’s assume that you have some resumes for a critical job opening that you desperatley need to fill. When you read a resume, are you ruling people in or are you ruling people out?

In a previous blog I wrote that emailing has almost replaced the telephone. Picking up the phone and calling someone and using a personal touch is far more effective than sending a cold email.

Maybe you have a resume that looks ‘luke warm” – you know what I mean. Why not give this candidate a phone call and allow this person to explain themselves. In 3 minutes you can assertain everything that you need to know. Pick up the phone and make the call right now. If you leave a message and do not hear back, call again!

The solution is you.

Make sure that your best representative contacts a prosepctive candidate. First impressions can be lasting impressions. The call should be with extreme enthusiasm about the job opening. You can always decided later whether or not to interview.

I have found some of my best candidates, by calling and giving candidates the benefit of the doubt. Even if they were not the right candidate, I’ve gotten great referrals. How’s that for a concept? Call a candidate with a lousy resume and ask for a referral.

What are you waiting for?

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc.