Ben Bradlee, the vice president at-large for the Washington Post when asked about the secret to his success responded by admitting to having “compulsive spontaneity.”

Hmmmm.   At least for this writer, what an absolutely interesting concept: compulsive spontaneity.

At “compulsive” is defined as:

Definition of COMPULSIVE

1. : having power to compel
: of, relating to, caused by, or suggestive of psychological compulsion or obsession <compulsive actions> <a compulsive gambler>
com·pul·sive·ly adverb
com·pul·sive·ness noun
 Examples of COMPULSIVE

    <his compulsive clowning around can sometimes be annoying>


At “spontaneity” is defined as:

Definition of SPONTANEITY

: the quality or state of being spontaneous
: voluntary or undetermined action or movement; also : its source


the spontaneity of their behavior <the couple sacrificed some of the spontaneity in their lives when they had a baby>

Back to the topic of compulsive spontaneity

Mr. Bradlee is either on to something brilliant or maybe his comment about having compulsive spontaneity is something that “looks good on paper” or maybe “yeah well that’s easy for him to say.”   Can anyone ever be compulsively spontaneous? 
We lead busy lives and we are responsible to so many for so much.


Perhaps we can explore or even implement compulsive spontaneity in our daily work lives to become even more successful?

Here are 6 Steps to achieving compulsive spontaneity:

1.  Speak your truth. 

2.  Trust yourself completely.

3.  Challenge fear.

4.  Remember who you are.

5.  Be totally in the moment.

6.  As long as no one is harmed by your actions, just do it.

We spend so much of our lives trying to out think ourselves.  We plan.  We rehearse.  If things go bad or wrong, we regret.  We feel shame.  On the flip side, when things go well, we jump for joy!  We celebrate. Yeah!

So as long as we aren’t hurting anyone, why not be more spontaneous?  Why wait?  Anything that happens (as an outcome) would most likely happen anyway. 

If it’s rational and there is a chance to create something better for yourself and others, than go ahead and take a leap of faith.  Choose spontaneity.

Or not.

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