Most job searchers are using every job board available to land their dream job.  Have most job boards become over-saturated with resumes and job listings?

Job boards such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Monster may be useful for job seekers; but those resumes remain on these jobsites long after employment has been found.

“Indeed” boasts about how many resumes that they have, but they make no mention that many of these resumes are outdated and of little use to a specific job requirement.  Even if an appropriate candidate is found, what happens next?

The collective goal of job boards is to make it easy for potential employers to receive candidates for specific jobs, but they are missing one key component that only professional recruiters can provide: person-to-person connection.

A recent CareerXroads survey shows that only 15 percent of positions were filled through job boards. Most jobs are either filled internally or through referrals. When you spend all your time and energy scoping out jobs and applying, you may be hurting your chances.

So what else should you be doing? Networking. More than 70 percent of people land jobs through networking. Advise: Attend networking events in your area or become much for engaged with LinkedIn.

Lastly, you almost never hear a response after applying to a job boardAfter you have taken time to research a company, modify your resume and go through the application process, you assume you’ll hear something. The reality is you may not hear back from the company. Become more assertive after submitting your resume.  Plan to follow up with the hiring manager after you have submitted your application.

Job boards are helpful, but they’re just a tool.  Pick up that tool and use it.  Be relentless in your pursuit!