Posting Ads on CareerBuilder or Monster? 5 Reasons Not To

Unless your company is a household name with tons of advertising and branding budgets, posting an ad on any of the main job boards is a complete waste of time and resources.

How do I know?  I just ran an ad on one of the largest employment boards in America and the results were abysmal.

The good news is that I am expanding my health care recruitment business to add two Executive Recruiters to my staff.  Through the years I have rarely run an advertisement on any job but I was in the mood to experiment.

The ad that I ran could not have been more specific as to the job skills and requirements.

The ad has been running for 5 days now and I have received about 16 resumes.  To be fair, each candidate that submitted their resume to me must have some talent and ability, but none of them are relevant to the requirements that I posted clearly on the ad.

Not one!  It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

So, Employers here are 5 Reasons Not to Post Job Ads on CareerBuilder or Monster:

1.  Many candidates are perennial job seekers and will send their resumes for any job hoping to land any job that they can.  I understand the mentality “that something might stick” but as an employer, sifting through resumes is a very time consuming affair. A lot of time and resources are wasted.

2.  Career Builder and Monster appear to be passe as many more people every day are using social media such as linked in and face-book in search of a new job.  My direct research shows that even in this slower economy there are exponentially less candidates to be found on these large job boards.

3.  The best candidates do not post their resumes on the big boards because they do not have to.  Using a direct hire recruiting firm with access to these candidates just may be the single best way to take advantage of interviewing “passive candidates.”

4.  Many great candidates are “confidentially” seeking new employment and do not want to risk losing their current job by posting a resume on the Internet for all to see.

5.  It’s too expensive to run ads on these big job boards not just in dollars but in the wasted time that it takes to sort through inappropriate resumes.  In addition, to clogging up your email in box, you also run the danger of opening an email that could contain a virus. I know of several clients that opened up emails from job seekers responding to ads and their computer inadvertently received a serious virus that almost wiped out their entire outlook contact list.

So how am I going to fill my executive recruiter openings?  Luckily for me, recruiting is what I do for a living so I’ll find some excellent candidates.  Running an employment ad on a large job board simply confirmed for me what I suspected:  for the most part, it’s a waste of time and money.


I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at  I welcome your phone call.