Are Your Employees Making You Sick?

Most employers are spending more hours at their job (factoring in the checking of texts and emails from smart phones) then ever before.  People are working harder then ever in this challenging economy and many are earning less.

Even more so when you are a boss.

Sometimes the stress is unrelenting.  Especially for employers working with incompetent or unreliable staff.

Could it be possible that your employees are making you sick? Sick and tired.

Yes of course it is possible and in fact it may be probable.

The responsibilities associated with being a manager or an employer can be trying on your nervous system no matter what your physical or emotional disposition.

Read the best business books ever published and you’ll read how important it is to hire the best employees.  Even Donald Trump has said that he likes to hire people smarter than he is!  What he is really saying is that he hires the best.

Why on earth would you hold on to an employee that is making you sick?

The only reason that anyone ever gets hired is to solve a company need and to make money.  At what risk both financially and emotionally?

The key point is that surrounding yourself with the very best talent is not only vital to your company’s health but to your own well being.

And yet, many employers and managers settle for employees that are “capable” rather than “competent” or “average” rather than “awesome.”

Who you hire can wreak havoc to your well being.  A bad hire can give you migraine headaches, an upset stomach and a mind set of uncompromising misery.

Anyone know a good psychiatrist?

If your employees are making you sick, then do something about it right now. Begin the termination process.  Do not wait. Even if you think that an employee is making you sick, it’s true.  Do something about it!

Procrastinating the inevitable is a dangerous and slippery slope.  A bad employee might even be making your co workers sick.  Think on that.

Healthy organizations operate well by having talented and healthy leaders.  Why get sick if you don’t have to?  Treat yourself with some preventative medicine.  Hire right but if you make a hiring mistake, cut your loss as soon as possible.

There will always be business cycles of challenging times and good fortunes but the cliche of all cliches is applicable here:  all you really need is good health.

Why be sick?

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at  I welcome your phone call.