Health Care Recruiters: Getting it Right The First Time

“Do it right, the first time” is one of the most profound sages of advice that anyone could ever receive. 

It is essential that a health care organization in need of critical staff to use a health care recruiter to get it “right, the first time”?  If you are not using a health care recruiter to solve your most critical staffing needs, than one can presume that you are also not using a CPA, not using an attorney to represent your best interests and of course you never go to a dentist.

If saving money is a reason that you are not using a professional health care recruiter, you might just be missing the boat.  If you are relying on your human resources department or if you are posting ads on the various job boards, you are not in fact saving money and you could be drowning.

In opportunity costs alone you might be paying a fortune.  For every day that a critical job remains open, it is costing you in not only the obvious ways but in non-tangibles such as the cost of low morale amongst your staff and quite possibly compromising in providing the best in quality care to residents and patients.

Using a health care recruiter is “getting it right the first time.”  Here are 5 reasons:

1.  Recruiters are experts in the field of your industry and take a proactive approach in seeking out the very best candidates and not relying solely on placing ads on Monster, Career Builder, Yahoo Job,etc.

2.  It is proven that by using a health care recruiter, an organization often achieves a much higher recruitment ROI by using a professional recruiter who understands the costs associated with what it truly takes to recruit the very best candidates. 

3.  Health care recruiters understand urgency- your urgency- in filling positions because as you know: for every day that a position remains open it is costing you big time. (Not only in real dollars but in downtime and company morale.)

4.  Professional recruiters proactively call on your competitors and seek out the best talent.  In most cases it is in poor taste for organizations to recruit competitor’s employees.  Some searches can only be conducted in this manner.   

5.  Using software (such as using the job boards) to get resumes will never replace the skills of  an action oriented and results driven recruiter.  This is similar to hanging a sign on a retail store.  Recruiters put buyers in your store!

In conclusion, getting it right the first time should be key to one’s business plan when it comes to staffing issues.   It is obviously not a good idea to defend or represent yourself in legal matters, to perform your own dental work or to repair your own car.  So what is stopping you from calling a health care recruiter?

Any questions or comments? I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc.  I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at