Lessons from Taylor Swift: How to Maximize Your Recruiting Efforts

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the most popular music artists of the year, and her popularity can be attributed to more than her musical talents. It has been interesting to watch the marketing efforts unfold for her latest album, and there are a few lessons that we can learn from this situation.

Her new album, 1989, sold over 1 million copies within a week, which is a record breaking sales number in the current music industry. If you are looking to recruit new employees to your company, here are a few lessons that you can learn from Taylor Swift:

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

One of the most shocking moves by Taylor Swift was when she pulled her music from Spotify. This music streaming site is a place where customers like you and me can pay a low monthly fee to have access to music streaming. Artists can make their music available on this platform, and they earn a small fee each time the song is played.

The truth is that musicians don’t earn much money from their music being played on Spotify. Instead, it is an opportunity to connect with a bigger audience. Taylor Swift already has the connection to loyal fans, and she no longer needs to take a loss on her music through cheap streaming services.

Similarly, there is no reason for you to interview low-quality applicants who may not be the right fit for your job opening. It is better to focus your recruiting efforts on a more accurate demographic who will fit within your job description guidelines. Instead of sending a spattering of untargeted ads online, consider working with a recruiting expert who understands your industry and can maximize the efforts.

Connecting With Your Audience is a Lot of Work

Instead of releasing her new album and hoping for the best, Taylor Swift was very proactive with the marketing of 1989. Ads were run on various platforms, including television and the internet, and she partnered with a few bigger brands such as Coke.

If the album was released without the proactive marketing efforts, then the sales numbers would have been much lower. Similarly, placing a job opening ad isn’t enough to connect with the right candidates for your company, because you need to put in the effort to make sure the right people are seeing your job posting.

Previously, hiring was easier because companies simply needed to post the job and then sit back and wait for the right employees to show up on their doorstep. But, the market is more competitive now, and a good portion of your candidates may not have the skill set that is needed for the job. Instead of sifting through the low-qualified candidates from job board posting, a better option is to reach out directly to people who would be an ideal fit for your company.  How do you do that?

Hire the Experts

Taylor Swift didn’t handle her marketing plan on her own, instead she hired expert consultants in PR and marketing. Because of their expertise, her album was very successful.

Likewise, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress and aggravation by hiring someone who has the experience to connect with your ideal candidate. Here at Premier Search, we are recruiting experts in the senior housing industry. We would love to help you connect with the job applicants who are a good match for your company’s critical staffing needs. Contact us today at: 1 (800) 801-1400.

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