Los Angeles HEALTHCARE RECRUITER- Bernie Reifkind

Here is why it is essential to use a Los Angeles  healthcare recruiter to fill your critical job openings.

Your company should use a healthcare recruiter because the best people aren’t necessarily looking for a job — but they keep their eyes and ears open for good opportunities. These proven performers are usually in the top five or ten percent of their profession. They don’t typically look at job boards and they don’t keep their resumes circulating. Mining for the “passive candidate is gold.” Because they aren’t searching you have go find them. That’s what trained recruiters do every day. Identifying and approaching these hidden prospects is not an easy task. There is an expertise that a seasoned healthcare recruiter implements so that you avoid costly hiring mistakes that can ultimately destroy the foundation of your company. The best companies understand the need for the best in human capital. Healthcare recruiters know how to screen, vet and ultimately present the best available candidates. In addition, a healthcare recruiter can preserve your anonymity when it is critical to do so.

When does it make sense to use a healthcare recruiter?

Using a recruiter is crucial when the position you need to fill is critical to your company. A recruiter understands the urgency and acts as your partner in finding serious career-minded people, the kind of achievers who aren’t interested in limited or dead-end positions. If the position is relatively unimportant to your company’s future, using job boards can be helpful, but it’s very common to see the same candidates month after month looking for jobs.

How is a recruiter different from an employment agency?

Healthcare recruiters do not find jobs for people, we find people for jobs. You as the employer are in fact our client, not the applicant. Recruiters work for you, the employer.

How much does it cost to use a healthcare recruiter?

In many instances, a seasoned healthcare recruiter will ask for a small engagement fee up front to begin the search with the remaining fee due upon the successful placement. For the most part, recruiting is performed on a contingency basis, meaning if the recruiter doesn’t fill the position, you do not pay any further fee. If you hire one of the recruiter’s candidates, the usual fee is somewhere between 20% and 30% of the new employee’s first-year compensation.

Is it important for recruiters to have experience in your industry?

Yes it is critically important that recruiters have experience in your industry because they will initially have a better knowledge of where to start looking or where not to look for qualified candidates. Healthcare recruiters understand your needs and can speak the candidates’ language, they’ll understand their accomplishments, they’ll see through their exaggerations, and they will make a better impression on your behalf. Experience within a particular industry also allows recruiters to save time. They understand your job description and what is important to your situation which is critical when sourcing for passive candidates.

Should you use more than one recruiter on an assignment?

Generally, it is wise to establish a good relationship with one solid and seasoned healthcare recruiter and use them exclusively on assignments. Using multiple recruiters to fill the same position can be risky in that an applicant’s perception of your company can seem too desperate. That might scare away candidates. In addition, multiple recruiters may present the same candidate proclaiming representation of that applicant. That has the potential a legal dispute and ultimately the loss of the candidate that you want to hire. Finally, when prospective applicants hear about the same job from several healthcare recruiters, your company may develop a reputation as a “revolving door”, where turnover is a problem.

How can you judge a healthcare recruiter’s performance?

Ultimately it is about the quality of the candidates that are being presented. But there are many other factors in judging a recruiter’s performance -none larger than communication. If you have given a search assignment to a healthcare recruiter there should be ongoing communication to reach the ultimate goal of hiring the very best available candidate.

A seasoned professional healthcare recruiter understands your urgency. Your need is their need. In this special relationship a healthcare recruiter is your agent and should let you know if there are certain challenges in filling your position. Maybe there is “word on the street” that you are not aware of that is hindering you from attracting the best talent. An effective recruiter will offer solutions necessary to attract the very best talent.

Bernie Reifkind is the CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. Mr. Reifkind can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at ceo@premiersearch.com.  Need staff?