Hire the Best: Do Not Be Left “In The Dirt”

Here is the reason why many of the world’s leading firms are in their position: they have the best employees who help their respective companies attain the highest levels of success.

However, in order for a business to remain successful, they have to hire employees who can succeed and transform their company to new heights. Companies in the same industry that are searching for new hires create a massive war for talent.

That is why successful companies use the help of a professional recruitment firm such as Premier Search, Inc.  For more than 20 years we have filled even the most critical job searches so that our clients can dominate in their industry.

Recruitment and hiring the very best new talent is extremely urgent, and naturally one will want to hire the best employees available.  Of course there is so much technology available to attract talent but much more is needed than the reliance of job boards.

An aggressive campaign to recruit employees IN the market rather than ON the market is why you should incorporate a proven and successful recruitment firm.

It is not uncommon, however, for employers to not be able to find adequate candidates for their open positions.  Human Resources and employers who are looking to hire say that the talent gap between acceptable employees and unacceptable employees is too big and it makes it very hard to hire. This is problematic, considering most companies do not have the talent they need.  This creates a huge gap and companies that rely solely on Human Resources for recruitment lack the resources and “know how” that a recruitment firm can successfully provide.

Much of this large talent gap is due to the fact that the baby boomer generation is close to retiring. These workers have been in the workforce for several decades and have honed their skills for many years. They have developed a wide array of experience and expertise in the work place that is very beneficial to most companies, unlike students who recently graduated from college. When this generation retires, it will increase the talent gap and the shortage of workers available.

In addition, employee retention is key. Many of the top companies in the world are well adept at this by rewarding their employees and keeping their perspective on their company refreshed.

They strive to keep their workers motivated by engaging the employee in company decision which fosters higher morale in their job and motivated to try and make the best decisions for the company in aspirations to potentially be promoted.

Companies must never forget that retention begins with recruitment.

In summary, without the use of a professional recruitment firm to source the best available talent a company can be left in the dust compared with the competition.

If you are a hiring manager, take a hard look around at your employees.  Are they assisting you towards reaching your goals?  If not, than its time to make some changes.  You are in business to win and to dominate your industry and the only way to do that is that have the best employees.  Bringing in a partner recruitment firm to help solve your staffing needs is the right move RIGHT NOW.

To paraphrase Jim Collins in his legendary book “Good to Great”- great leaders understand that hiring “who” rather than “what” is tantamount to any organization.

Having the very best people on your buss will take you in the direction to unlimited success.