Have you “snapped” yet?  Here’s how to know if you have snapped.

You’ve snapped when you finally reach the point that you are going to change your life forever.  When you simply cannot take one more day the way things are career wise or in your personal life.

Most of us are stuck in a rut in our careers and in our personal lives. We tell ourselves that one day we are going to change our lives or our behavior.

You wait for a good time. And for whatever reason, the timing always seems to get in the way of what we want for ourselves.

Haven’t you learned by now that there is never a “right time” to do anything?

We talk ourselves out of things rather than talk ourselves into things. We go along in silent desperation for years and then one day you snap.

You make the decision here and now that you can no longer tolerate your current situation and you decide to change your life.

I’ve had my ruts and I know what it’s like to be stuck. I also know what it feels like to snap.

Many years ago, I made the decision to leave the security of working for one the most successful recruitment firms in America to launch my own business.   I had been thinking for years that I would someday launch out on my own but I hesitated…………and hesitated.

Until one day, I snapped. I decided that there is never “the right time” to do anything.

I just started.

I thought of a name for my new company: “Premier Search” and then I methodically did all steps that I thought needed to be taken to properly launch.

I worked it in reverse.  I imagined that my new start up was already a huge success.

I imagined all the checks that I would cash from my future recruitment placements, so I opened a business banking account. I had business cards made, stationary and a professional phone number including an “800” number for calls that would come to me that others would not pay for.

As I said, this was a while ago. Before the internet, before the fax machine. My tools? A telephone, a typewriter and the yellow pages of the businesses that I would contact to provide my recruitment efforts.

My mindset was simple: failure would not be an option.

So I left my comfort zone and leaped into the unknown. To be candid I thought that I would feel fear when I began but instead I felt just the opposite: exhilaration.

When was the last time you felt exhilaration?  It’s available.

To be quite candid,  as an entrepreneur I’ve have my highs and lows – that’s just part of the cycle.

But I would have never changed my life until I decided unconditionally that I was changing my life.  For me it was to launch my own business. For others it can be changing jobs or changing industries. It can also be a change in attitude and style.

It’s about change, REAL change in which there is no going back to what it once was.

So let’s be clear about things. Once you have snapped and there is no turning back, forget about waiting for the right time. Of course there are better times and then others.

But you create your own time and that time is right now, which is all we really have anyway.

So take a shot and believe deeply that “failure is not an option.”