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At Premier Search, Inc. our business was built around one simple, undeniable truth.  The most successful companies are those that have access to the best available professionals. That is the reason to hire a healthcare recruiter: results.  Quickly.

There Is a Shortage of Real Talent in Healthcare

As healthcare recruiters we recognize that here is a shortage of good people in the health care industry. It is essential to utilize the efforts of a professional healthcare recruiter that can offer a creative sourcing procedure while being cost effective.

If you’re posting jobs on Indeed, you are probably not finding the best talent.

At Premier Search, we are able to access talent not necessarily ON the market to make a change but IN the market to hearing about opportunities. It’s time to change the way executive positions have previously been filled.

Solve Your Health Care Staffing Needs, Today

Premier Search, Inc. is the nation’s most successful firm of healthcare recruiters.  As a nationally recognized leader in the field of health care executive search and placement, our database is one of the largest in the United States.  We are committed to presenting only the very best pre-screened applicants using state of the art recruitment techniques.

We Know How To Find The Best People

Our team of healthcare recruiters has access to, and strong relationships with, a broad spectrum of health care talent both in clinical and health care operations.   We can begin presenting applicants within 48 hours for even your most difficult assignments.  How can we do this?  We meticulously search and maintain contact with the very best people in the health care industry.  We have a large referral network, a successful web site and a proven track record of finding and placing the best available candidates.

More importantly, the best candidates know how to find us! Candidates refer us to their friends and colleagues and as such, our candidate pool is a dynamic database that changes every single day.

We Provide Value

Premier Search, Inc has made it possible for your organization to compete for the very best available applicants. We design a unique recruitment program that is customized to meet the needs of each search assignment without hurting your bottom line.  Need healthcare recruiters?  You found us.


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