There are literally a million ways a job applicant can annoy an employer during the hiring process. You might want to avoid these 5:

  1. Present a messy, typo filled, unprofessional resume (If an applicant can’t take the time and $ to create a presentable looking resume, why should an employer waste their time?)
  2. Be dull, confused and unprepared on an initial phone or Zoom screen (Come on! Prepare, prepare and prepare. Enthusiasm sells!)
  3. After the initial pre-screen, play “hard to get” and do not communicate clearly. (Respond to all communication without delay. We all have cell phones, and we all check messages, so NO excuses.)
  4. Show up late on an interview. (Sorry, there is very little excuse for this. This is all about planning ahead. BUT should there be an emergency- CALL and inform.)
  5. After botching an interview, pester an employer by repeatedly calling and emailing. (Employers despise being pestered by needy job applicants. One email or one phone call after the interview is appropriate. If 2 weeks go by, then perhaps one more attempt is appropriate.

Here is the REALITY- if an employer REALLY wants to hire a job applicant, they move heaven and earth to make it happen!