To make money. PERIOD.  After all, isn’t that the reason that a business exists?

A hiring decision is an investment decision to solve a need: to grow a company or to stop from losing money because a key employee is gone for whatever reason.

So the real issue is that hiring solves a need.  That’s the key reason why people buy almost anything, whether or not we are consciously aware of our actions.  Of course we look for value when we buy, but at its basic core: we buy because of a need or a perceived need.

Employers:  when you hire someone make sure that you are hiring to solve but more importantly make sure that you are “buying the solution.”  In plain and simple terms, make sure that you have properly identified the business need that you have and why that need exists, then and only then hire/buy the solution.”

That’s right, hire the solution.  Is the company growing?  Hire more staff.  Is the company doing well and then a key employee leaves?  Hire more staff.

When you hire the solution, you are buying down the business need or enhancing business profit and ultimately solving the issue at hand.

It’s all about making money.

In conclusion, buying or investing in the solution should be the strategy when making a hiring decision.

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