Hey Employers: do you have employees that are Multislackers?

Do you have some employees that are constantly whining and complaining because they are “over-worked”, “under-appreciated”, “under-paid”, “over-whelmed, “over-this, ” “under-that”, over and over and over, etc?

Did it ever occur to you that maybe some people are just multislacking?  What is multislacking?

According to the Urban Dictionary there are many definitions of multislacking including:

1.  Similar to multi-tasking with computers, it involves engaging in a variety of applications on a computer. However, in multi-slacking, this definition is restricted to include one or more of the following: gaming, chatting, listening to music, web browsing (non-educational), hacking, pirating, posting on forums, watching videos, etc.

2.  Engaging in many small activities at once, none of which are productive.  Usually, but not always, involving a computer and its applications (iTunes, AIM, YouTube, etc.), can also include watching a movie or TV show, listening to the radio, talking or texting on the phone, or any other ultimately trivial, meaningless activity.

Some people might consider this as goofing off.

However one could make the case that a Multislacker is showing up at work,  is technically very busy, is committed to the success of your operation, but is very distracted.

Multislacking is a disease that is very contagious to your work force and to the ultimate success of your operational goals.  So what is the cure?

Become multi-observant

Hold people accountable to their tasks and if you are able, watch and observe if there is too much typing going on in relation to results. 

The good news it that there is rehab for multislackers and that may include:

1.  A verbal warning

2.  A written warning

3.  Some type of Internet monitoring system (dubious at best)

4.  Termination of employment

4.  Learn to live with it

Yes, unfortunately multislacking might be an unavoidable part of today’ s work force, but what ultimately counts is results.

Verifiable results never lie.

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc.

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