When it comes to searching for and placing top-notch healthcare professionals, Premier Search Incorporated knows exactly what it takes to match the right candidate to the right firm. But some recruiters just don’t get it and when mistakes happen there can be major consequences.

According to a research brief distributed by Glassdoor, 95% of organizations of all sizes admit to making bad hires every year. These decisions can cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The use of a seasoned professional talent acquisition firm with a proven track record is key to eliminating any potential hiring mistakes.

Here are 4 mistakes some healthcare recruiters can make to eliminate your chances of hiring the very best talent:

  1. Taking too long to snatch up quality candidates. You don’t want to wait too long when it comes to finding the right candidate. As healthcare recruiters, Premier Search Incorporated can begin the process by presenting healthcare professional applicants within 48 hours.
  2. Thinking too small and too hastily. Some firms just want to hire based on immediate need, so they don’t cast a wide enough net, instead thinking of a quick fix to get the job done. When it comes to finding qualified healthcare professionals, Premier Search Incorporated has a large referral network, staying in contact with the best and brightest professionals in the healthcare industry.
  3. Failing to thoroughly examine and interview the candidate. Again, when charged with an immediate opening that needs to be filled, many firms may cut corners when it comes to talent acquisition sourcing or rely solely on the interview as a means of determining whether someone gets the job. Even if faced with an urgent vacancy, it’s still important for healthcare recruiters to be as complete as possible with pre-screening. Premier Search Incorporated takes comprehensive steps when it comes to the pre-screening process.
  4. Failing to communicate results either good or bad. A professional Recruiter produces results. What other professional group do you work with that will work on a contingent basis? What other professional group guarantees their work even though they have little control over what you do to ensure the success of their placement? Most candidates leave because they don’t like the company or the direct supervisor and the recruiter has little to no control over those two contributing factors, yet they guarantee their work.


Bernie Reifkind is the CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. a nationwide executive search and placement firm.   In addition, Bernie provides career guidance and strategic interviewing techniques to professionals at all levels.

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