In my line of work (executive search recruitment and talent acquisition) I often receive requests from my employer clients to fill their various job openings.  In the past 6 weeks, I have recruited and filled 3 Assisted Living Executive Director positions, 2 Director of Nursing positions, several Business Office Manager positions and 2 Directors of Marketing positions.

In the recruitment field, we do not find jobs for people, we find people for jobs.

In many instances I receive search assignments from Regional Directors of Operations to fill critical openings for positions that report to that person such as an Executive Director.

In so doing I create relationships with Regional Director of Operations who often tell me that they are also “keeping their eyes and ears open for good opportunities.”  Once I hear this I let my client know that I really could not help them leave their current job because my job is the put people in their company.

Recruiting for a client and then taking their people is a “no-go.”  No double dipping.  Even if it is not written in an agreement, morally it is not the right thing to do.

However due to the relationships that I develop each and every day (which has now spanned more than 20 years), I am in a position to ask for a referral should I need to fill a Regional Director of Operations position.

Regional Directors of Operations know other Regional Directors of Operations.  In addition, they also know key executives who might know other key executives to assist in my search.

It comes down to asking a Regional Director of Operations to make an introduction on my behalf to the key executive in which I might be able to present this outstanding opportunity.

Now obviously I have every social media tool available to use for the purpose of recruitment, but my real goal is to find “the passive candidate” which is the individual who is keeping his/her eyes and ears open for good opportunities but would never post their resume on a job board or any social media.

So how do I find an Assisted Living Regional Director of Operations?

I ask existing executives with whom I have a business relationship to please make an introduction on behalf.  Asking someone to make an introduction on your behalf might just be the most important question asked in the recruitment business.


Bernie Reifkind is the CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. a nationwide executive search and placement firm. In addition, Bernie provides career guidance and strategic interviewing techniques to professionals at all levels.

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