Let’s just be candid.  A setback is a bummer and depending upon the setback………..it can be an epic bummer.  Also the length of time of a setback can be absolute agony.  A gut punch.  A body slam.

Setbacks cause us to question everything about ourselves, such as our self worth.  We listen to our mind as it wreaks havoc on our nervous system.  “Why me?”……”Why now? – we ask ourselves.  We go on the internet and read about others who are suffering in that “misery loves company.”

When you are carrying a building on your back and you can feel your legs ready to give out, you start thinking that your life is down the tubes (which it is not) and that you are a failure (which is absolutely not true.)

A setback is a life situation that is not working out right now or has already happened.  But it’s really important to understand the difference between a life situation and who you really are.

A great piece of advice was given to me many years ago: “Remember who you are.”  That is pretty powerful if you can allow yourself to truly believe it.

But a setback also sets the stage for a comeback.

What is better for your soul than an making old fashion comeback?  How about a comeback in epic proportions?

Ponder this: a comeback implies a setback.  How do you define success if you have never known (your definition) of failure?

In sports, it happens all the time.  The best games in any sport is when the underdog after losing the entire game comes back and wins in the end.  It doesn’t get better than that.

So if you are hit with a setback, the first thing to do is accept it.  Acknowledge that whatever happened, it just did not work out…..YET.

A setback paves the way for an epic comeback.  The secret is to learn from a setback and to keep showing up.  Refuse to quit, no matter what.  Maybe you need to change your approach but you have to “lick your wounds” AND SHOW UP.

Dream of the comeback that you absolutely believe will happen even if you do not yet know how it will happen.  Trust yourself and keeping moving forward.

A setback is just a comeback in reverse.


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