Do you ever catch yourself thinking “What am I doing?” or “Is this all there is?”

Not to bum you out, but maybe this is “all there is” and if so, then why is that not OK for most people?

Life is not easy. Most of us wake up too early to the beep of a nagging alarm clock.  If we have kids, we scurry to get them dressed and fed while listening to their issues as they run off to school.

All this while we rehearse in our heads what we need to accomplish in our jobs as we get dressed, down a mug of coffee, read our emails and dash off to work.

And worry.

Though if you are one of fortune’s favorites and you are happily working at a job or career that you love so much that you cannot believe that you get paid, then you are blessed.

Most people though are working at their jobs because it pays the bills and supports their families. In fact, most people dread what they do to earn a living. It’s a pity, really. because the time is clicking by.

To those who feel like they are playing a losing game, please take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Most people feel this way at times in their lives.

But never forget that life always changes and many times for the good. Just because you are going through a challenging time right now, never forget the immortal truth that “this too shall pass.”

Things always change. And they absolutely can change in your favor.

Of course you have to play a part in that change. You have to have your antennas up to receive the signal of change.

If things are not going the way you want them to, well the first step is to be aware of that and do at least one thing every day to change it.

That includes taking a “time out” as athletes do in a game like football.

After all, we are “playing against the clock”- of our lives.

If you watch football then you are well aware that the entire game is played against the clock. The clock (60 minutes) keeps running unless a ball carrier steps “out of bounds” which stops the clock. There are many scenarios in football to stop the clock and this article is not about the game of football or even about sports.

It’s about constantly reminding ourselves that we are living our lives against the clock of time so we can use our time wisely. We can step out of bounds sometimes!

In life and is in football, playing against and with the clock (of our life) is a powerful strategy to live a happy and productive life and career.

Sometimes we have no choice but to absorb what life throws as us as life at times can be relentless. So we show up, work hard and do our very best.

But sometimes, you just have to take a time out.

Football players will step out of bounds to preserve the precious time left on the clock.

We can “step out of our own bounds” in our own lives by:

• Recognizing the sanctity of our lives. Not everything is an emergency.

• Find time for a little rest or some down time. Doing nothing can be wonderful!

• Limit the amount of unnecessary information that we absorb.

• Find time to play or do something that can bring us some joy.

• Be kind to ourselves if we fall short in our expectations.

Most importantly we can redefine what success truly means to us as we play against the clock of our lives. Success can be a little bit of freedom that we give ourselves whenever we are able.

Redefining success is critical to our own well being and just might be the key to a well lived life and career.

I remember watching a “Seinfeld” episode in which the character “Kramer” defines success (and I am paraphrasing) “Do you have more than 2 pairs of pants? Do you have friends? THEN YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL. ”


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