What do these 5 words or topics have in common?  Facebook, Google, Youtube, Yahoo and Animals are the top 5 most googled words on google.

Why is that important to know?

It’s not.  However If you enoy lists than perhaps knowing what most people are searching for is entertaining.

But, if you are searching for a recruiting firm to fill a very critical job opening, the following is a list of search words or terms that you can type into google:

The Top 5 Googled Recruitment Words or Terms:

1.  Recruiter

2.  Executive Recruiter

3.  Headhunter

4.  Professional Recruiter

5.  Executive Search Recruiter

Premier Search may not appear on the first page of google, but we should be.  Our record of unparelled recruitment success cannot be measured by a “click count”!

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc.  I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at ceo@psihealth.com.  I welcome your phone call.