Do I have your attention?  If not, then please WAKE UP!!!!

If you’re not constantly striving for new challenges then what are you doing with your life?  If you’re working at a job that no longer fits, but you’re staying put because of the salary, you’re not alone but what are you doing about it?

More than 80% of America’s workers are doing whatever they need to do to support themselves and their families.  And a great number of workers feel stuck at the same old job doing the same old thing.

Do you want to put some zing back in to your career and your life?  Do you want to see if perhaps your life’s work is quite possibly something else entirely?

Well here is a simple solution: interviewThat’s right, go on interviews

The best time to interview is when you do not have to.  That’s because you are already employed and you have cash flow. 

You can window dress (so to speak), but not necessarily make a purchase.  But what if there is something else out there for you that knocks your socks off?  Opportunities rarely fall into our laps.  You have to go and seize them.

There is a danger in staying put.  You become stale not only in your abilities but in your morale.

Go on an interview and see what else is out there.  This is a very healthy career strategy for several reasons:

1.  By interviewing, you just might open new vistas that has never even occurred to you before. 

2.  You might meet someone that gives you an idea that you hadn’t even considered.

3.  You can find out what the competition is doing and find out if your salary is in line with the market place.

4.  In an emotional way, interviewing can feed your ego!  It feels good if another organization is interested in your employment.  It doesn’t mean that you have to accept a new job, but if feels so nice to be wanted.

5.  Interviewing is a great way to validate just how fortunate you are in your present job.  Most people think that the grass is greener somewhere else only to discover that this is a delusion.  

So why not go on an interview?

To be candid, staying put is sometimes the correct career strategy but how do you know unless have a correct analysis of your employment landscape.  But come on, this is America and we all know that the only thing constant is change. 

If this is the land of opportunity then why not check out opportunities from time to time?  It’s free, it’s invigorating and it’s perhaps the best way to validate your own job and the choice that you have made.

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc.  I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at  I welcome your phone call.