1. If you are unemployed, begin with the attitude that you are “between jobs”.

• Your attitude determines your altitude!
• Your full time job should be looking for a full time job.
• Begin your day, creating the most positive environment that you can find. Search for inspiration anywhere that you can find it i.e., the internet, success books, famous people. Be up! Up! Up!

2. Stop listening to the media.

• The media’s job is to tell you the bad news about everything. Sorry folks, but there is nothing positive to report.
• Who determines the news?
• Trust your heart and common sense rather than “breaking news” that probably has no bearing on your life.
• Unplug from your smart phone and plug into your life.

3. Create value, now.

• Create yourself again, every day in the eyes of your employer.
• Don’t ever forget that your job is not a “right” but a “privilege”.
• When given a task, take it way beyond any previous expectations.
• Ask for more responsibility or simply take it.

4. Decide to decide.
• Most of us regret the decisions that we do not make.
• Make rational decisions based on rational facts.
• Right now is the only time that you have.
• Deciding not to decide can be an important decision.

5. Self belief is critical to success.

• Believing in your self no matter what is the key to a successful career.
• Look back at the most challenging times of your life and remember the positive result that ensued.
• Remind yourself of all of your achievements.
• Trust yourself first above all others.
• Don’t give in, don’t give up and never let anyone tell you that it can’t be done.

Bernie Reifkind is the CEO of Premier Search, Inc. (310) 247-8900