Behind The Scenes: A Day in The Life Of A Health Care Recruiter

You’d be surprised how common the following scenario is played out almost daily.

A recruiter finds an outstanding candidate for a critical job opening on behalf of a valued client and the candidate has expressed sincere interest. A resume is then requested. So what happens next?

Candidate: “Yes of course, I’ll send you my resume-I will email it to when I get home”

Recruiter: “Great! I’ll call you when I receive it”

Recruiter: “Hi, I haven’t received your resume………are you still sending it?

Candidate: “Oh I’ve been so busy…….I’ll email it to you tonight when I get home.”

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Employee Retention: Fact or Fiction

Fiction: Money and security are the most important reasons that people change jobs.
Fact: The most important reason that people stay or leave is their boss. Are you providing an awesome place to work?

Fiction: Employers should have a policy of fairness and should treat every employee the same way.
Fact: Every employee is a dynamic individual and is motivated by tangible and non-tangible factors. Your job is to find their “hot buttons.” Some people respond with honey, others need vinegar.

Fiction: With regard to an organization: A rule is a rule and we all must follow it.
Fact: Sometimes rules are outdated and can hinder true creativity. At times we must break through the “tried and true” to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Do you maintain rules that are stale?

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Recession: The top 5 employment strategies that you need to know

There may be a financial recession in the nation’s economy but the bigger recession is in most people’s attitude towards their work and their career.

1. If you are unemployed, begin with the attitude that you are “between jobs”.
• Your attitude determines your altitude
• Your full time job should be looking for a full time job.
• Begin your day, creating the most positive environment that you can find. Search for inspiration anywhere that you can find it i.e., the internet, success books, famous people. Be up! Up! Up!

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Playground Rules On The Field Of Business

What we learned on the playground and how it applies on the field of business

1. Understand the rules prior to the game. Ask questions if you are not completely
clear on any aspect of the rules.
2. Play fair but play extremely hard to win.
3. The game is usually won by strategy, not always by being first.
4. Play by the rules and demand the same of your opponent.
5. Confront anyone who cheats, immediately.Read More »Playground Rules On The Field Of Business

How Well Do You Listen?

Let’s assume that there is a verifiable “Most Needed Business Skills” list that every executive must master.

Listening belongs at the top of list.

Your skill set, educational background, years of experience, economic influence, tenure……none of it matters if you are not a good listener.

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You’ve Just Been Offered the Job. Now What?

You’ve just been made a job offer and you’re probably feeling some or all of the following emotions (in no particular order):

a. Excitement
b. Ego boost
c. Gratitude
d. Fear
e. Confusion
f. Relief
g. Ambivalence “What have I gotten myself into?”
h. Expectation Anxiety “I hope that I haven’t oversold myself”
i. Renewal
j. Buyer’s remorse
k. Rich
l. Lonely

All of the above and probably hundreds of more emotions are felt when you are about to make a job decision. It’s one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.

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