How To Ask For A Raise

Accomplishment: What have you done lately? A great time to ask for a raise is when your have achieved a quantifiable accomplishment. Again, timing is everything so if you have exceeded expectations or solved a pressing issue and you are praised for your work, then asking for a raise is appropriate. Asking for a raise for past glories are seldom met with enthusiasm.

How to Find Job Satisfaction Without Even Trying

Stop trying. Knock it off. Who ever told you or where did you learn that your job can give you some type of satisfaction? If you do have job satisfaction then good for you. However if you do not have job satisfaction, then so what? Learn to find satisfaction elsewhere! Find it in a hobby, a loved one, a child, a pet, volunteer, etc. Unless your job is a complete nightmare then do what you have to do to earn a living, and do it well

Managing Your Boss

Recognize the fact that your boss has been given the power to direct your activities. This is true even if you are much smarter and even if you should have been given the boss’ job. Accepting reality and working to increase your influence will produce better results.