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The Absent Employee: Does The Heart Grow Fonder?

If you are an employer, the absent employee can throw a huge monkey wrench into the machinery of an operation. No matter what day of the week. A “no show” can be a “no go” for many employers.

As a business owner of a healthcare executive search firm, I can state first hand that very few things about my business infuriates me more than employee absenteeism.

Managing Your Boss

Recognize the fact that your boss has been given the power to direct your activities. This is true even if you are much smarter and even if you should have been given the boss’ job. Accepting reality and working to increase your influence will produce better results.

In Defense of Micro-Managing

Micro-managing is a vital part of an employer’s job. An employee’s work environment is not a popularity contest. It’s about successfully fulfilling the ongoing tasks at hand in the way in which you as the employer sees fit.

Some people work better if they are micro-managed and are held accountable all day long. Other’s do not need as much hand holding but nonetheless, micro-managing assures you that a job is getting done the way that you want it done.