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Are You Willing To Fail?

Ask for what you truly want. What legitimate risk do you take when you communicate your need? When you ask for what you need. Maybe you will hear “no”, but you’ll never hear YES unless you ask. Is hearing NO a failure? Maybe hearing “no” just means that we have to strengthen our resolve to one day hear YES. But why not ask?

2. Believe that you are deserving of what you want. The mind is a powerful tool but sometimes we allow our minds to talk us out of what we want or need. Maybe we can use our mind to talk us into what we need or want?

Employers: 5 Ways to “Turn Off” A Great Candidate

Time kills all deals. When too much time goes by during the interview process, anything can happen to wain the candidate’s interest. In addition waiting too long implies disinterest to most candidates. This is not to imply that employers need to make rash decisions, but the process should take no less than 10 days from the first interview to offer.