Senior Housing Recruiter

A Message To Hiring Managers

As a recruiter, we are out there on the front lines, rolling up our sleeves to source, screen and slate the top talent on the market. We strive to do whatever it takes (ethically) to find that always elusive blue diamond, that needle in the proverbial passive haystack, and, against all odds, turn them into interested, engaged applicants.

Why Online Research is Necessary before Making Your Hiring Decision

The ability to research social media is a huge asset to employers before an interview. That is why it is extremely important that all of us should think long and hard before posting anything on the internet. Good, bad or indifferent.

In doing online research about an applicant, a simple visit to Google can open up a treasure trove of information on someone that would never appear on a resume. Visit LinkedIn and in most cases you can actually see a picture of the applicant.

Employers: 5 Ways to “Turn Off” A Great Candidate

Time kills all deals. When too much time goes by during the interview process, anything can happen to wain the candidate’s interest. In addition waiting too long implies disinterest to most candidates. This is not to imply that employers need to make rash decisions, but the process should take no less than 10 days from the first interview to offer.