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Why Online Research is Necessary before Making Your Hiring Decision

The ability to research social media is a huge asset to employers before an interview. That is why it is extremely important that all of us should think long and hard before posting anything on the internet. Good, bad or indifferent.

In doing online research about an applicant, a simple visit to Google can open up a treasure trove of information on someone that would never appear on a resume. Visit LinkedIn and in most cases you can actually see a picture of the applicant.

Lessons from Taylor Swift: How to Maximize Your Recruiting Efforts

Previously, hiring was easier because companies simply needed to post the job and then sit back and wait for the right employees to show up on their doorstep. But, the market is more competitive now, and a good portion of your candidates may not have the skill set that is needed for the job. Instead of sifting through the low-qualified candidates, a better option is to reach out to people who would be an ideal fit for your company.

Here is How to Spot a Fake Resume

An increase in the number of cases of resume fraud is in no small part a result of the past several years of weakness in the job market. Unemployed people are feeling the pressure, and while they likely won’t be fined or jailed for lying on their resumes, that’s no reason to avoid telling the truth.

5 BS Facts About Recruiters Almost Everyone Thinks Are True

The employer is the client not the applicant in that the employer signs an agreement to pay a fee if the position is filled by the recruiter. Recruiters get paid by employers so the employer is the client. Recruiters work on behalf of the employer. Also, did you know that the most challenging part of the a recruiter’s job is to find an employer client? Finding clients is exponentially more challenging than finding applicants.

Are You Making These 4 Hiring Mistakes?

In business no matter how large or small an operation, over time there will be hiring mistakes. In many cases, hindsight is the only way to determine whether or not a hiring mistake has been made.

A hiring mistake can be an enormous backfire to any organization. Costly not only in dollars, but in headaches, employee morale, and loss of momentum.

Every hire is a gamble. A shot in the dark. A risk.

Before making any hiring decisions, one might want to ponder the following:

Are you making these 4 hiring mistakes?

How CEOs Can Help in Recruiting Elusive Talent

The power of a CEO is immense and this power can be very enticing if used correctly in the recruitment process of top talent. No offense to HR or other Senior Management, but the CEO is the deal closer.